This isn’t really related to anything, I just found it amusing.


Boredom and Infinite Loops

When I’m bored, I will often randomely and pointlessly open the Python shell and type something like:

while True:
print (‘MEMES’)

…and it proceeds to endlessly spew out the word ‘MEMES’ until I either close it or until it crashes. The while keyword starts a loop that will keep repeating itself until its condition is not satisfyed. Some people tend to make a variable that is set to True and say while variable == True:, although with Python you can just say while True: because True is a keyword and not a variable, and thus is constant, meaning it will never change. So, it will endlessly and timelessly print out whatever stupid statement you put into it into the console!

The Rock Lobster Survival highscore has been broken!

Previously, I had held the high score for Rock Lobster Survival, having survived for 24 days, however, earlier today Tobin Anderson topped it! Well, sort of. He was at day 24, almost to the next day when the game glitched out and killed him. If this had not happened, it would have been literally impossible for him to die without reaching the next day without using cheats. So, I decided to allow him to have his score set to 25, and thus topping mine. Congratulations!